"POSTA ROMANA" is used in Romanian malware online attacks

18 Jun 2020

National Romanian Postal Services "POSTA ROMANA" is being used these days in malware attacks through e-mail messages, CERT-RO warnes. The mode of operation is by receiving an email in which you are notified that you have received a package by "POSTA ROMANA" and following the postal route is through the link inserted in the email. The link sends - on access - to a malware download through which the user's data but also the control over his device are taken over. When accessing it, the user actually downloads malware, through which attackers can take control of devices and steal personal data.

CERT-RO recommendations to avoid infection:

- Pay attention to the source of the e-mails received, the text of the messages and the attachments you want to access! Make checks, where you have suspicions and do not access the link.

- Always validate the information received with the sender, in case you do not clearly identify what it is about. Pay close attention to the correctness of the text received, especially from companies or institutions.

-Check the web domain from which the email was sent.