Orange, Vodafone and Telekom top-up

Do you want to call home and can't because you have no more credit left? Are you on a prepaid card and you cannot use your mobile just when you need it most? We've got the right solution for you: the best Orange, Vodafone and Telekom top-up services! All you need to do is enter your phone number and amount and you'll manage to top up your phone online in just a few seconds!



Accessibility, as all you need is an internet-connected device, be it a smartphone, a laptop or a desktop computer



Security, as our Telekom, Orange and Vodafone top-up services are 100% secure, all the transactions being encrypted



Convenience, as you can send a top up to any phone card, regardless the operator, from the comfort of your own apartment or even at the office or in the tram



Speediness, the entire process taking less than 2 minutes



Generosity - you will receive many bonuses, as you will see on our website



Variation, as you will benefit from services at all operators: online Orange top-up, Vodafone pay-as-you-go top-up and Telekom top-up with the possibility of paying online with your Visa or Mastercard, but also by internet banking from BT.

To complete your online Vodafone, Orange and Telekom top-up transactions, you must enter the data of your bank card and your other personal identification data. They are encrypted and stored by our payment processor exclusively to confirm your payment and send any subsequent information regarding the actual payment or Orange, Vodafone or Telekom contracted top-up services. Our goal is for the transaction to develop under the best conditions, being completed by the electronic top-up operation.

Below are the options offered by our website:

All you need to do is enter your phone number and the amount you want. Easy as that!
Fill in the details of your bank card and the personal identification data for carrying out the requested transaction. These data are encrypted and stored on electronic media secured by our processor online payments and will be used exclusively for the purpose of confirming the payment and for transmitting any further information regarding the payment made or with the telephony service provided for the optimal conditions of the transaction and of the electronic credit recharge services.

1. Orange online top-up:

  • Orange Direct Credit prepaid top-up package;
  • Orange Direct Travel Data prepaid top-up package;
  • Orange Minutes PIN prepaid top-up package;
  • Orange Minutes Direct prepaid top-up package;
  • Orange Credit PIN prepaid top-up package.

2. Vodafone online top-up:

  • Vodafone Direct Credit top-up package;
  • Vodafone Credit PIN top-up package;
  • Indygen Direct top-up package;
  • Indygen PIN top-up package.

3. Telekom online top-up:

  • Telekom Direct Credit top-up package;
  • Telekom Credit PIN top-up package.
Vodafone BONUSES
Name Mobile data Minutes & SMS
Prepaid Siver 500 MB (2 x 250 MB) 100 national minutes/texts (2 x 50)
Prepaid Gold 1.000 MB (2 x 500 MB) 200 national minutes/texts (2 x 100)
Prepaid Platinum 1.500 MB (2 x 750 MB) 400 national minutes/texts (2 x 200)
Prepaid Titanium 2.000 MB (2 x 1000 MB) 600 national minutes/texts (2 x 300)
Euro credit Bonus Phone Credit (Euros) Bonus Phone Credit (Euros) at online top-up
6 euro 0.80 euro 1.20 euro
7 - 11 euro 0.90 euro 1.35 euro
> 12 euro 1.80 euro 2.70 euro
Top-up amount Bonus at top-up* Credit validity Grace period
5 - 10.99 Euro 50 min + 50 texts in Telekom Romania networks 60 days 330 days
11 - 15.99 Euro 50 min + 50 texts in Telekom Romania networks 90 days 300 days
16 - 24.99 Euro 50 min + 50 texts in Telekom Romania networks 120 days 270 days
25 - 100 Euro 50 min + 50 texts in Telekom Romania networks 150 days 240 days
Top-up amount Bonus at online top-up** Credit validity Grace period
5 - 10.99 Euro 1 GB data traffic in the first month 60 days 330 days
11 - 15.99 Euro 1 GB data traffic in the first month 90 days 300 days
16 - 24.99 Euro 1.5 GB data traffic in the first month 120 days 270 days
25 - 100 Euro 2 GB data traffic in the first month 150 days 240 days

Who are we?

Reincarcare cartela Orange, Vodafone, Telekom

The company managing, which offers you irreproachable Telekom, Vodafone and Orange online top-up services is CASIER TOTAL SRL. We are working for you ever since 2013, offering you:

  • respect, both to you and to your employees, providers and partners we collaborate with;
  • integrity, promoting sincerity and trying to reach the highest professional standards;
  • responsibility, as we maintain solid relations with our partners as well as with the clients to whom we offer Vodafone, Orange and Telekom online top-up services;
  • excellency, as we always want to be the best and offer irreproachable services to our clients. has been offering you Orange, Vodafone and Telekom online top-up services since 2013, in the fastest and most secure possible way. We have tried to eliminate all useless steps, to make the entire process more efficient, for the experience on our website to be as nice as possible. Therefore, if you need professional Vodafone, Orange and Telekom top-up services, choose, enjoy the accuracy and bonuses offered by us. Love :)

News about Orange, Telekom and Vodafone recharge service.

Frequently asked questions is a topup / charging and recharging mobile phone credit platform for PrePay cards. The purpose of this platform is to facilitate communication with loved ones, by facilitating the topup / recharging processes of Orange, Vodafone or Telekom. Opt for this fast online recharge method and discover its advantages!
The platform is available to anyone who wants to topup / recharge online, from the country or from abroad. You can also use this platform both for online topup credit Orange and for recharging Vodafone or Telekom prepaid cards. You have exclusive bonuses for each operator, offered by! Moreover, the platform is available 24/24 - non-stop online - whenever you need credit or minutes on your mobile phone number.
After entering the data, the online verification and reloading process will take about 2-3 minutes. Most of the time, for an online topup / recharge mobile phone credit of Telekom, Orange or Vodafone, the process will be instantaneous!
When you choose to topup / mobile phone credit recharge Orange online through the platform, you get super bonuses! Benefit from extra credit and enjoy every advantage offered with Orange online topup / recharge mobile phone credit services!
You receive special prizes for every Vodafone topup / recharge mobile phone credit online! Choose and benefit from special extra bonuses! Moreover, if you choose to topup your Vodafone mobile credit online every month, you will receive more and more benefits!
Besides speed, efficiency and safety, for every Telekom mobile phone credit online recharge made through the platform you get consistent bonuses! The whole transaction takes less than a minute, and you will benefit from a special prize! Choose and enjoy bonuses every time you recharge Telekom online!
The payment of topup / recharging mobile phone credit products online on the website is exclusively with a bank card issued by various banks around the world under the logo Visa / Visa Electron / Visa Business, Mastercard / Maestro, JCB, Dinners Club, PayPal.


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