The online top-up service offered by has been created especially for you! For you to enjoy a professional, simple, fast and safe service.

To top up online, you have to access the first page at

On the first page you will find a graphic Smartphone with a form inside. You have to select the mobile network hosting the number you want to top up: Vodafone, Orange or Telekom.

1. Then, in the first box you will have to choose the online top-up package you want. For those marked with PIN at the end, you will get in your email box a voucher with the PIN number you must enter following the instructions given by your operator; those without a PIN at the end can be made directly by the operator, as soon as you have made your payment, without the need for a PIN;

2. In the second box you will have to select the type of your online top-up, more precisely the amount or the minutes you want to top up, according to your first box option (Top-up package);

3. In box number 3, you will have to enter the phone number you want to send an online top-up to. Finally, on the next row you will have to fill in your e-mail address.

Then check the "I accept the terms and conditions" mini-box and press the green "top-up" button. Follow these steps and, after pressing the top-up button, you will be directed on the confirmation page

That page will contain your order data: phone number, e-mail address, selected mobile phone operator, the top-up amount selected to recharge online and the types set in the first two boxes.

On the right side you will see a list with the bonuses you are going to get after an online top-up. To pay, you will have to press the blue button - "Secured pay".

After pressing the "Secured pay" button, you will reach the payment processor page PayU (among the most important payment processing companies). That page must be completed with your personal invoice details. Afterwards, you will have to select your preferred payment method - Visa/MasterCard.

Click on the next step and complete the order.

As soon as you have paid, a credit will be allocated to the phone number specified by you. Your order will be instantly activated.

The entire selection, payment and getting the top-up process will last between 2-3 minutes.

Remember! is not only the easiest way to top up your Orange, Vodafone and Telekom prepaid card, but also the safest one, as we use your data only for their minimum customary purpose.</p>