Frequently asked questions is a secure and fast electronic charge / recharge service to top up prepaid cards at the main mobile network operators in Romania: Vodafone, Orange and Telekom.

An electronic top-up request on implies a few easy steps that take no more than 2 minutes, including the payment module:

  • select an operator: Vodafone, Orange, Telekom;
  • choose the top-up type - direct (automatic) or with a PIN (that you enter yourself), minutes, internet etc. options;
  • choose the amount you want to top up your phone with and enter the CORRECT phone number and email address (please note: it's where you will receive confirmation of your order, payment, invoice and PIN - if applicable);
  • remember to read the Terms and conditions of Orange, Vodafone, Telekom top-up services and then check the box beside;
  • press the TOP-UP button that directs you to the next page. Here you can review the options you entered and you can correct them if that is the case;
  • when all entered details are correct, press the PAY button, which directs you to the PayU secured module.

Follow all the instructions and all will be smooth and fast. Vodafone, Orange or Telekom top-up procedure is usually confirmed at once; you will receive the above mentioned messages on your email; when the procedure is over, the ORDER COMPLETED! THANK YOU! essage will pop up, a sign that all went well.

If at any time you have a doubt and you don't receive any of the messages, contact Support Service as soon as possible. One of our operators will shortly contact you to offer you details about your order status.

Usually the electronic top-up code is delivered at once.
  • the message "WE ARE SORRY, YOUR ORDER WAS NOT COMPLETED" shows an error in the online payment module - it can be technical causes, crowded system, interrupted internet connection or other causes.
  • the message "WE ARE SORRY, YOUR ORDER WAS NOT COMPLETED. ORDER PROCESSING ERROR" indicates a processing error by the online top-up supplier - Telekom, Orange or Vodafone. Wait a few minutes then start again or contact the Support Service at website offers you the possibility of topping up your prepaid phone credit by the direct version (automatic) for which you will immediately get a message on your mobile phone from the operator, or by the PIN code version (that you personally enter following the e-mail directions).

For additional checks:

  • Vodafone top-up - call free number *222
  • Orange top-up - call free number*133#
  • Telekom top-up - call free number 1234
  • If you have a Yahoo email address, REMEMBER: the PIN code message will land most of the times in your BULK or SPAM folder, because very many emails are sent from the sender address and this is interpreted as spam-carrier;
  • For NON ACTIVATED TELEKOM prepaid cards – Be careful! They cannot be activated online; so activate your card with a minimum credit at the point of sale and then get the online top-up amount of your choice;
  • The ORANGE operator does not allow successive top-ups for the same card in the course of 10 minutes. The second operation will get an error; this is why, if you want another top-up, restart the procedure 10 minutes after the previous one. Ask our help at contact address in any unclear circumstance;
  • Periodically, the mobile phone operators make updates, which involves some delay, usually a few minutes, in delivering the requested service. Wait half an hour and check again;
  • In general, when placing an order, some users do not pay attention to the product they choose in the dropbox; thinking they have selected direct top-up, clients would out of haste opt for the PIN code one and, of course, they would not check their email box where the voucher has been delivered. So, pay great attention to how you enter the coordinates of your Orange, Vodafone, Telekom online top-up order.

Remember! is not only the easiest way to top up your Orange, Vodafone, Telekom prepaid card, but also the safest one, as we use your data only for their minimum customary purpose.