Are you having trouble reloading your card? Here's how to solve them!

01 Apr 2020

If you have entered at least once on our site, you have surely realized that on this platform you can recharge your credit if you are the user of a card. Thus, you just have to follow a few simple steps and you will get the credit you need, whether you are an Orange, Telekom or Vodafone customer.

Given that the recharge process is online and does not take longer than two minutes, there is an extremely low risk that the recharge will not work. However, if you happen to have problems and cannot benefit from the service you pay for, we can help you.

Here's what you should know if your credit doesn't enter or you haven't received your PIN:

If you have an e-mail address on Yahoo, the message with the PIN code will mostly go to BULK or SPAM. This is because the shipping address sends a lot of emails and is misinterpreted as a SPAM carrier.

In the case of non-activated cards from the Telekom network, their activation cannot be done online, but only at the corresponding points of sale.

The Orange operator does not allow successive recharging of the same card within 10 minutes. The second operation will result in an error, so you should know that if you still want a credit charge, it is advisable to resume the procedure after 10 minutes from the previous one.

Periodically, mobile operators make updates, which implies a certain delay, usually several minutes, in the delivery of the requested service.

Generally, when placing the order, some users are not paying attention to the product they select from the list, believing that they have selected the direct reload, instead of the one with the PIN code and, obviously, they do not check their email in who was given the voucher. Therefore, our advice is that all those who resort to such services correctly and carefully enter the coordinates of the recharge online Orange, Vodafone or Telekom.

These are just some of the information that you should keep in mind before making an online reload on the networks available on our site.

At the same time, we point out that you can request our help in any unclear situation through the "Contact" form available on the site. Thus, an representative will answer you as soon as possible and will help you to complete the process.

It is not difficult to recharge your card, you just have to pay little attention. is a platform accessed by thousands of people who either have been left without credit and want to get credit quickly and easily, or are abroad and want to keep in touch with the people left at home, relatives or friends. Many of them upload online to older people who cannot move or have no financial means to bear the cost of a the phone card.