How can you top-up your PrePay card directly from your phone?

13 Nov 2023

There's nothing like convenience! How can you top-up your PrePay card directly from your phone?

The PrePay concept has received a decisive upgrade in recent years, making it the perfect solution for those who no longer want to deal with subscriptions. While in the past it was a pain to have a PrePay card when your benefits expired in the evening, at night or first thing in the morning, as you had to go to the nearest mobile operator's center, today you can top up your PrePay card directly from the comfort of your home, using the portal. All you need to do is have internet access on your phone from a Wi-Fi router and your benefits will be updated within 3-4 minutes of placing your order on 

How works is a portal for those who want a Vodafone, Telekom or Orange top-up and want to buy it online. We are talking about an online shop that operates NON-STOP and has no additional fees for transactions made by users, the prices for top-ups sold are the same as the prices offered by mobile operators Vodafone, Orange, or Telekom in their points of sale. 

All you need to do to purchase a Vodafone, Telekom, or Orange top-up via is to log in and fill in the details on the main page. This means choosing the top-up operator, the type of top-up (credit or options), the amount of the top-up, the telephone number for which you want the top-up, and, last but not least, the e-mail to which the invoice for the transaction(s) should be sent. 

The second step is very simple, once these data have been entered you will be taken to the payment page, you will need a valid credit card on which the amount in RON corresponding to the desired top-up is available. After the payment has been made, within a few minutes, the benefits will be granted. is by far the fastest portal for electronic top-up as it does not require the prior creation of a customer account, a process that makes the purchase difficult and time-consuming. 

What else do you need to know about 

1. is a 100% secure portal. All transactions are encrypted so there is zero chance of loss/theft of purchased credit or bank card details. The investments made in the security of the portal have not been small over the years and now it is 100% secure for any user. 

2. Incarcă.ro is open NON STOP. I mentioned this aspect at the beginning, but it is worth mentioning it again, as not many people know that these online portals do not have opening hours like the shops in town, and anyone who needs a Vodafone, Telekom, or Orange top-up can purchase it at any time via, even during public holidays. 

3. The purchase process takes 2 minutes. It takes a maximum of 1 minute, maybe even 30 seconds to select the desired options on the first page, and then the payment process with your card takes another 1 minute, maybe even less if you have your bank details saved in your browser. So in 2 minutes maximum, you have the benefits on your PrePay card. 

This is, one of the most famous sites for electronic reloads in Romania, exclusively for PrePay. No matter which operator you belong to Vodafone, Telekom, or Orange, you will always find here the most suitable reload values with credit or minutes, whatever your pocket, variety is the virtue with which this portal was launched on the market for many years ago and will certainly be a very helpful website in the future.